Our Mission

In a world consumed by chaos, we choose to WAGE LOVE

WAGE LOVE is born out of the idea that darkness cannot drive out darkness. We live in a time often defined by division, intolerance, injustice, and hate. WAGE LOVE is the movement to not only reject those as our shared reality, but to actively push back against them- not with aggression, but with compassion and love. Hate will keep the cycle of hate turning.  Love is the disruptor. We need more love. In a world consumed by chaos, we choose to WAGE LOVE.

Organizations We Support

WAGE LOVE supports organizations that promote love, equality, justice, and sustainability.  Here’s some of who we work with and why:

WAGE LOVE is proud to support Allmade Apparel.

Allmade Apparel

Allmade Ts and Masks are manufactured in Haiti by men and women making a living wage.  Allmade Apparel is made from US-grown organic cotton, recycled polyester, and modal- three fibers that are better for the environment.   Allmade Ts use 70% less water than conventional Tshirts, save an average of 6 plastic bottles from landfills per shirt, are not chemically treated, and reduce crude oil consumption by about 6.4 oz per shirt.

Wear the WAGE LOVE Movement

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